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ISO 9001-2015



Feedwheel type


A serrated feedwheel grips the strapping and rotates to draw up slack. Fast and easy to position and use. Take-up is unlimited, and strapping may be used directly off the coil.





Windlass type


Applies tension by gripping one end of the strapping and winding the other around a slotted shaft. Can apply greater tension than feedwheel models.





Walking gripper


Lightweight tensioner/cutter designed for buckle applications with plastic strapping. Provides maximum tension with Steelock or Dylock buckles.






Feedwheel type


Front-action sealer handles are held perpendicular to the strapping, usually in front of the operator who pushes handles together to crimp the seal.






Combination Tools


Manual seal-feed combination tools offer the convenience of a single tool that tensions, seals and cuts the strap. These tools carry a stack of seals in a seal magazine for more efficient operation.




The AST manual seal-feed combination tool uses Contrax, Dymax and Tenax strapping. The AMT-58 is the ideal tool for High-Strength Tenax strapping.




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