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Power Strap Feeders


ITW Signodes PSF is a power strap feeder specially designed to apply straps quickly and efficiently around palletized or other large packs. Manual strapping of large, or palletized loads, is labour intensive and extremely time consuming. In some instances it can place operatives in a hazardous position and often, to overcome this, two operatives are required to complete the procedure.


ITW Signodes PSF provides a much faster and more efficient alternative to manual strapping. Only one operator is required with ITW Signode PSF, which also acts as a workstation, enabling all packaging operations to be completed in a safe and ergonomic position - literally at the touch of a button.


Included in the ITW Signode PSF is a strapping tool located on an overhead spring pivoting system, ensuring the strapping tool is not only always in the right position, but is light to use, minimizing operator fatigue.



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