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Machine Wrap Film


ITW Signode high performance, machine grade stretch films provide both high strength and high stretch. They're specially manufactured to stretch up to 300%, depending on the gauge. This enables more pallet loads per roll to be wrapped, using less film, resulting in the lowest cost per load. With high performance film, the more it is stretched, the more the film recovers to hold loads tight and prevent product damage. To ensure optimum film performance, Signode high performance film should be applied at high prestretch levels by Signode power prestretch equipment. Our machine grade film line consists of one-sided, two-sided, differential cling and ultraviolet inhibiting cast and blown films.


Blown Films
Blown stretch film provides greater tear resistance, tension retention and scuff resistance than cast film, making it ideal for heavy industrial loads, irregular loads and loads with sharp corners.


Cast Films
Cast film provides better clarity and gloss, and quieter film unwind than blown films. These characteristics make cast film a good choice for cube shaped loads, and loads that are used for display purposes. Films are subject to continual development by Signode. To learn more about the range of possibilities currently available, please contact your local representative.





Mimalite Oriented Wrapping Film is the ideal solution for ensuring stability of palletized and utilized loads and facilitating safer loading, transportation and unloading.





Hand Wrap Film



Enduralock is specially formulated to stretch less than conventional hand application films for superior integrity on loads that shift during transit. This two-sided cling film is exceptionally tough and resilient and has minimal width reduction, providing superior load holding power at an economical price.



A patented oriented hand wrap film that performs like machine applied, power prestretched films, GaleWrap provides far greater load integrity than conventional hand application films that continue to stretch as loads shift during transit. Patented hemmed edges provide excellent film strength and tear resistance.


Hand Grade Films
Film Name Gauge
Roll Length
Roll Width
microns mil meters feet mm inch
Enduralock 12 12 0.47 450 1,476 445 11.5
Enduralock 15 15 0.59 450 1,476 370, 445 14.5, 17.5
Enduralock 18 18 0.71 450 1,476 445 17.5
Gale WrapT
Gale Wrap 12 12 0.47 457,610 1,500, 2,000 305 12
Gale Wrap 15 15 0.59 457,610 1,500, 2,000 381 15
Gale Wrap 18 18 0.71 457,610 1,500, 2,000 451 18




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