Spare Part & Technical Assistance


  • A qualified, trained, experienced field force of over 25 engineers and technicians located across Western India provides prompt and competent technical assistance and intervention.

  • Spares stocks maintained at Pune, various branches ensure a high degree of parts availability.

Operations & Maintenance Contracts


  • We offer OMCs for Godrej equipment as well as Crown, Komatsu, Tennant, and Hubtex.

  • Tailored to the condition, duty cycle, and composition of your equipment.

  • The scope of the contract may include equipment operator, spares, consumables, technical manpower, and administration depending on your needs.

Annual Maintenance Contracts


  • Purely a technical assistance service package.

  • Mutually agreed number of preventive maintenance calls during an operational year.

  • Provision for certain hours to address minor breakdowns.

  • Parts and consumables are offered as required.

Overhaul Services


  • Professional assessment of your equipment by our qualified, experienced staff ensures the best results.

  • The scope is adjusted to suit the needs of the truck, your operations, and your budget.

  • Overhauls may include complete strip down, repair, and re-building of the engine, transmission, drive axle, steering system, hydraulics, mast, and new wiring, besides new consumables, battery, paint, and tires.

Upgradation Services


  • Rejuvenation packages for your old forklifts to give them a second lease of life.

  • Reduce emissions in your factory with a new, emission-compliant diesel engine.

  • Upgrade old resistor-based electric forklifts to modern MOSFET electronic controllers for greater energy efficiency and smoother drive characteristics.

  • Reduce operator fatigue and maintenance issues by replacing your old steering system with a sturdy lateral cylinder steer axle.

Buyback Packages


  • Trade-in your old forklifts against our latest, contemporary forklifts that offer greater operating efficiency, operating economy, higher reliability.

  • Avail of an attractive discount on the new forklift.

Forklift Hiring


  • Good forklifts of various capacities are available on flexible terms with or without operators. Battery / LPG forklifts can be made available on request.